Sitting by the ocean, feeling the warmth of the sunshine on your skin, a dewy perspiration starting to form on your brow.

The smell of salt in the air, the sounds of seagulls circling a family with hot chips.You sit, holding a crisp waffle cone, topped with your favourite gelato flavour.

A decision you spent ages making ... the most important decision of your day.The sun pours its rays down on you and your special treat. You feel the gelato slowly begin to melt, the rest dribble felt on your hand, warm, sticky, moving down your arm.

Nothing else matters right now.You are here, focussed on your gelato. It is your world now. Content. In this moment you have nothing else to do except enjoy the sensory experience of this beautiful treat. It’s coolness, refreshing. It’s sweetness, joyful. The moment, beautiful.

You think to yourself ...

“What a small and beautiful world. Full of big smiles and moments. Love each other. Love gelato.”

Traditional Gelato

Piccolo Mondo offers transcendental gelato moments.

Leaning on traditional methods and recipes, blending in local and seasonal flavours, and adding a decent dash of love, we invite you to dive wholeheartedly into our incredible flavour experience – our gelato is a treat that you will keep coming back for. 

Made by Lisa

Behind the Pozzetti, or spatula's deep in the backroom you'll find Lisa. With a longstanding dream to bring a joyful treat to a seaside community, she brings an education and passion all the way from, and forever inspired by Italy, creating gelato with Love.

Lisa's gelato is for children wanting a treat to adults looking for a weekend indulgence or desert after dinner, welcoming locals and visitors alike.

Combining expert gelato knowledge with an abundance of local ingredients Lisa creates superb tasting experiences, with the nostalgia of childhood and travel all in one.