Our gelato is handmade in small batches, daily. Every batch is made with fresh, high quality and seasonal ingredients. We choose organic and local where possible and we match our flavours to the season.

Our approach is simple and traditional. No pre-prepared mixes or bulk production. Just fresh ingredients mixed with love to create unique batches of delicious gelato.

Limited quantities of each flavour are produced and each batch meticulously measured to ensure the consistency of flavour. 

Limited quantities of each flavour are produced and each batch meticulously measured to ensure the consistency of flavour. 

Our gelato is stored in a Pozzetti, a traditional lidded stainless steel cabinet, each container is individually air cooled at just the right temperature, protecting the gelato from the air and keeping it deliciously fresh. 

Come and watch the magic of gelato being made in store while you ponder which flavour to try first!













As we do new flavours we’ll let you know on Instagram and Facebook.

Because we focus on seasonal flavours our sorbets are predominantly fruit based, meaning we will only have what is currently in season.  Spoilt for choice during summer with blueberry, mango, plum, peach and passionfruit.  We may not have all of these at once but you will see these throughout the summer season.  Looking forward to autumn and winter fruits.

We have one chocolate that can be enjoyed by all, it’s completely dairy free with Ratio Organic 70% chocolate and cocoa powder.  Some have been overheard saying it’s the best they’ve ever had.

Our Dairy based gelato uses Barambah Organic full cream milk and Norco cream giving it the creamiest of textures.  The fan favourites include Honeycomb, Fior di Latte, Hazelnut and Mango Swirl.  These too will be seasonal depending on what we think you’ll enjoy.

Our Hazelnut and Pistachio are using 100% nut based pastes (without any extras) imported from the best regions in Italy.

The waffle cones from the Scandinavian Cone Company just up the road in Murwillumbah will turn any “cup only” gelato connoisseur into a cone convert. 


We do not use gluten, gelatin, eggs or soy in our gelato.

However, these ingredients may have been present in the facilities where some of our ingredients are produced. 

We also unfortunately, cannot guarantee that our gelato is strictly free from cross contamination as the same equipment is used for our nut based flavours as all others.  We try to ensure any nut based gelato is the last of the day and the equipment is cleaned and sanitised on completion.

You can ask for a complete list of all the ingredients used in our gelato in store.


With a commitment to having little to none plastic or polystyrene, all our cups, spoons, paper and take home containers are compostable.

Our reusable containers are from ReturnR,  all you need to do is pay a $6 deposit for the twin walled stainless steel Returnr canister which keeps your gelato chilled on the trip home.  Once you’ve finished your gelato you simply rinse the container and then return it to us or any cafe in the Returnr network to have it refilled or your deposit refunded.  If you get it refilled with Piccolo Mondo gelato you’ll get a discount on the refill. To learn more about the Returnr community click here.


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